8 Reasons to Visit Jordan

I recently stumbled upon a survey on a flight magazine asking Europeans, ‘Where do you go for the winter sun?’, or something like that. I was disappointed, but not shocked, when 0% of the people from the UK chose Jordan as their destination to seek a sunny vacation. Little is known about this country and I myself haven’t really thought much about it before I went there.

I only knew about Petra and it’s Wonder but Jordan really surprised me as there’s actually so much more that it has to offer to the rest of the world. Though I may only have spent a week in Jordan, I was overwhelmed by it’s beauty and people which is no wonder why it has made it to my list of favorite countries.

Although as amazing as this country is, I haven’t seen a big number tourists coming in, or at least as much as I would’ve expected. I would love to see more visitors to Jordan simply because it shouldn’t be missed!

Here are the top 8 reasons why you should visit Jordan:


If it wasn’t for Petra, Jordan would have been way less heard of. Being one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is undeniably the most visited place for tourists in the country and I see why. The stunning remains of this ancient city built thousands of years ago hidden behind mountains are so much grander in real life than what you see in photos. It has hundreds of tombs and monuments carved into the mountains, some even as high as 40 meters and it will take you days to explore each and every one of them. Either you visit by day or night, it is truly a beautiful experience you will never forget.
Petra, Jordan

Red Sea

The port city of Aqaba, on southern Jordan, is known for it’s beaches, snorkeling, diving and other water activities. The Red Sea has some of the best coral reefs in the world and it’s marine life is excellent. So if you love the water, you’ll definitely enjoy one of the world’s best diving destinations and the clearest waters you’ll ever see!

Dead Sea

The experience of floating in the Dead Sea should be in everyone’s bucket lists and I definitely wouldn’t forget mine. What makes it so amazing is not just because it is over 400m or 1,300 feet below sea level (making it the lowest point on Earth) and it is also one of the saltiest body of water, but because it has one of the most stunning and serene landscapes that you’ll ever lay your eyes on. The high salt content makes you float in it and it surely is fun, until you accidentally splash some water into your eyes and trust me, it is exteremely painful. It is at least ten times saltier than the normal sea water!
Dead Sea


Jordan is one of the best places to try out amazing Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. You can eat your hearts and bellies out with tasty shwerma, kebab, falafel, hummus, fatoush, tabbouleh, baba ghanouj, fatoush and the crowd favorite – mansef. The Jordanian cusine is truly amazing and one of the best things about the country is you can afford to eat in most of the restaurants even if you are a budget traveler.


The Jordanian people are one of the friendliest and most hospitable people I’ve ever encountered on my travels and they are the top reason why I love this country so much. Their warm smiles are heart-melting and they would try their best to help you out, no matter how hard the language barrier gets in the way.There may have been the annoying existence of tourist touts lingering around Petra but that has always been part of my travels around other countries anyway and tourism does that to people because of greed. But what surprised me were the other people, the real locals who don’t see us visitors as a source of money, the ones who offered us coffee for no pay, the one who gave us a free ride, the ones who made friends with us despite how hard it was to communicate, and the rest who were just simply nice, honest and welcoming. Being surrounded by good people makes one happy and that’s what I felt in Jordan.


Let’s be honest, the Middle East has not been a popular destination for tourists due to political unrests, violence and safety issues in some of it’s countries but Jordan is one of the exceptions. It is actually one of the safest places in the world due to it’s low crime rate. I felt safe in all of my time there and as a woman, I felt a lot less harassed, if not at all, in Jordan than a lot of other countries I’ve been to. Unfortunately, a lot of people are still hesitant to visit this part of the world but I want people to know that Jordan is a sure safe haven and now is the best time to visit.


Jordan is a very beautiful and scenic country, from it’s vast desert landscapes to the crystal blue waters of the Jordanian east coast. Experience the breath-taking views of the majestic deserts of the Wadi Rum from the skies by riding a hot air balloon and be blown away! I’ve always thought that deserts would be boring but Jordan proved me wrong.


After escaping the harsh winter in Europe, the mild weather in Jordan felt like the best present ever. It was cold at night but not freezing in January and the sun warms you up in a perfect temperature during the day. Clear blue skies during this time of the year is normal in the country. The summer months here are warm but not extreme and this is one of the best places to go to if you want to escape the bitter cold winter due to it’s pleasant weather and mild temperatures.

These were my top reasons why I think you should visit Jordan and I surely could give more. It’s a pretty tiny country and you could drive from the top to the bottom in less than a day, which is great if you haven’t got a lot of time to spend.

The history of Jordan goes a long way back and there are a lot of famous Biblical sites, such as Bethany where Jesus was baptized and a pilgrimage site on Mt. Nebo where Moses is believed to have been buried, to name just a few. There are desert castles and Roman ruins waiting for you to explore.

Jordan has accepted travelers since ancient times and I hope to see more people giving this country a chance to amaze them. I sure was!


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  2. […] 8 Reasons to Visit Jordan […]

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