So there goes my January 2014!

It’s February and I’ve got mixed feelings now that January has come to an end. First, it feels like it has gone too fast and it has been a month already since Wayne and I left England. Wow, that was one month already? I’m sure it was just 2013 yesterday! Everyone’s getting old too fast nowadays..

Second, though it may feel like January has gone like a wind, I also feel at the same time that it went slow. Confused? Me too! What I mean is, when I think about the time we went to Germany four weeks ago, the memory seems so old and distant already. Maybe it’s because there have been too many things that have happened and too many places that we have visited in such a short time. I may not be ancient yet but my memories are starting to get all mixed up!

No, my friends before you start thinking what I think you’ll be thinking, I have not been drunk the whole month. As a matter of fact, I have only been drunk three times and also three times hungover. At least that I can recall.

Anyway, my January 2014 was packed and I loved it though I may feel very tired of traveling already and my backpack seems a lot heavier day after day even though I have not purchased anything and I also lost a top! Seven countries in four weeks is not bad but we traveled by land and not just by air so it’s pretty exhausting. Am I getting old or what?

Trying to get some time to blog and edit photos is pretty difficult since any free time I get is the only time for me to rest and a tired Miss Lazy is no good for brain work or simply being awake. I hope I’m not going to struggle this February so I can stop moaning already. I’ve still got a lot of places to see and things to do. Also, I’m not getting any younger!

Shall I stop about this age thing already? I’m still on my 20’s for crying out loud (late 20’s)..

OK, before I start my travels and catch up on the two thousand RAW photos I have to annoyingly edit one by one, let me quickly show you where I’ve been and what I’ve done last month:


GermanyAfter years of bugging me to visit her again, I have finally made it back to Hamburg to see my dear friend Phydie, who I have shared some amazing travel adventures with once upon a time in our innocent young lives. To prove that it’s been so long, she’s had a baby after I have last seen her, who is awesome by the way, and has already grown into the cutest little girl I have ever seen.

We had a great time spending the New Year’s at her place and watched the fireworks displays all over the city from her apartment balcony six floors up. Aside from seeing a bit more of Hamburg this time, we also did a short road trip with Phydie, Ramon and cute little Shelice to visit the nearby cities of Luebeck and Lueneberg, which were both lovely and beautiful.

Leaving was very sad as we stayed with them for a week and had a great bonding. It was only that night after we have left that Shelice understood we weren’t there anymore and I wonder how long until we get to see her again. Will she remember us after a few years? I should have kidnapped her.

Just kidding. Am I allowed?


Though it could have gotten a lot colder in Copenhagen, we still weren’t blessed with any sunshine or blue skies all throughout our visit there. It was rainy, windy and gray. But it’s still all good because of our good friend and Danish host Mike made us felt well at home. He welcomed us with open arms and more importantly, supplied us with the best beer in the world (or at least our favorite), the Red Horse beer, imported all the way from the Philippines.

The sightseeing part of our visit hasn’t been entirely successful. Though my plan to ride a bike around the city didn’t come to reality (at all) and our days were either spent drinking or recovering from drinking, I couldn’t have done it any other way (probably).

The weather got in our way but we did still see some sights, buildings, embassies, 711’s and a whole lot of bikes. Meeting the local people and drinking the local beers were my part of getting to know Denmark and it’s people. And thankfully drinking in Copenhagen can be less expensive as I have thought!


Istanbul is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities I have visited and it was nice to spend my birthday there, and of course, still with my beloved Wayne. Awww. I can be sweet sometimes.

The weather was beautiful and the skies were clear blue, which was all that I could have really wanted for my birthday (and fish for dinner which I successfully ate that night). The city was massive, modern and though walking was a bit of a pain in the ass because it was hilly, on foot was the best way to explore it. And I have never seen so much kebab shops in my life! I can’t wait to come back and see more of the country one day.


One thing I didn’t know about Israel before I got there was how ridiculously expensive it was and I thought I would be able to eat like a queen (but I didn’t)! Our first stop was Tel Aviv, the country’s capital, which has a really nice beach that I didn’t get to swim in and then we headed off to the historic city of Jerusalem. They had an awful lot of tourists there which I shouldn’t be surprised about and we did a whole lot of walking  which I wasn’t very excited about.

Still knowing some of the Bible stories, visiting the Bibilical sites was my favorite part of the trip (as I love History), such as Virgin Mary’s birthplace and tomb, the Mt. Olives, Gethsemani, and the old city itself. Serious Christians should definitely have Jerusalem on the top of their bucket lists. Israel is a very interesting country and it’s history goes a long way back since forever.


I have never been so excited to go to a country just because of the thought that I could finally afford to eat out (and eat meat more than anything) without blowing our budget. But Jordan was more than just being affordable. The country’s capital city, Amman, barely had any tourists and being on an off the beaten path is such a wonderful experience.

The people were genuinely nice and friendly plus the Roman ruins of Amman are not to be missed. Although Petra was expensive and there were tourist touts that constantly bugged me to ride their horses or camels, the site itself was mind blowing. I may have eaten a lot more in Jordan than I did in Israel but trekking the around the sites of Petra probably lost me three times the weight of what I have gained from eating there the whole time.

Jordan was awesome and how could I not forget floating in the Dead Sea? I’d come back there one day for sure.



Honestly, Egypt has been the most stressful place that we have traveled to this time. There were a lot of people trying to get you to buy from them, or hire them to ride on their badly treated donkeys or camels, and I don’t even want to start with the amount of dishonest taxi drivers and touts who tried to take as much as they could, if any, money from us!

The morning we were going to the pyramids, a few bombs exploded in some parts of Cairo and I heard one of them which was so loud and scary (while I was in the toilet just so you know that i wasn’t in the actual scene) . Unluckily, because of the bombing and for saftey reasons, the Pyramids of Giza were closed to the visitors and that was the only time we could go and see them. We managed to see a few other pyramids but it still sucks to only view the Great Pyramid from the gate.

I enjoyed Luxor but I was disappointed with the Valley of the Kings. It was expensive and you can not even take a photo (even when you’re out in the open). I was caught by a man who I suppose worked there and wanted to grab the phone I used. He didn’t want me to delete the photo but instead take me to the police! We got out of it anyway but it was not a good day for me.

All in all, I wasn’t very pleased with Egypt. It’s a shame because the country has got so much to offer and there are a lot of nice people too, but tourism is being ruined by the greedy ones.


We nearly missed the flight to Milan from Sharm El Shieck just because the airline didn’t want us on due to fuel problems which I didn’t find funny at all. I don’t know what happened but they finally let us on the plane long after everyone which obviously delayed the flight.

It’s a massive change from sunny blue skies and bright orange deserts to  go back to gray, gloomy and rainy weather of winter in Europe. I haven’t seen the sun since we got here.

So there goes my January! I have added four new countries as my attempt to catch up on my traveling again.

I will be cold for a bit this month of February but I can’t wait to see how this month will go.  Ciao!


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