Top 10 Reasons For Traveling

Many of us who travel do so with a lot of different reasons. May it be because of something as deep as the need to reflect on someone’s life or just simply because of a last minute decision for ‘There was nothing else to do’, ‘The wife made me do it‘ or ‘It was a free ride so why not!‘. The kinds of travels I’m talking about don’t necessarily mean just a big trip to Paris or a summer in the Bahamas, but also the other trips we do with the family for special occasions like Aunty Emma’s fourth wedding, your cousin’s daughter’s baptismal, or your best friend’s bachelorette party. It could be a fun vacation or a boring business trip with your boss.

to meet people

Everyone travels, some much more pleasurable than others, but what are exactly the top reasons why we leave our house to go some place else?

1. For work

There are many kinds of travel opportunities that some jobs can give and people are getting paid to travel around a country or even abroad. Some are not as glamorous as one might think because after all, these trips are for work and not for pleasure. Business trips that mostly involve getting on a flight to get straight on to a meeting or a conference may not be your cup of tea, there are other jobs that will help you make a living while traveling around the world such as working as a travel writer, photographer, cruise line worker, tour guide, English teacher and many others that can be much more fun. Millions of people from around the world are on the move for a better employment or a better scenery outside their office window.

2. For love

for love

Long distance relationships are not new in this day and age. With today’s internet, many have searched and found love hundreds or even thousands of miles away from home. They travel for no matter how far to be with the ones they cherish. People leave their hometowns to start a new life in another city or abroad and all because of love! And after the wedding bells? It’s the honeymoon and the newlyweds pack up their bags to go somewhere special and celebrate. And for those who don’t have anyone yet? They travel to find the love that they’ve been searching for all their lives.

3. Vacation and relaxation

for pleasure

Without a doubt, everyone’s favorite time of the year is when they go on their vacation. A relaxing vacation helps us refresh our body and mind. It gets rid of our stress and takes us away from all our worries, even for just a short while. We fly to a tropical island to enjoy their beaches and swim in the sea. When the city life gets too stressful and too hot, we take ourselves to the mountains to unwind and relax in the cool mountain air. We go to our dream destinations to have a great time and simply have fun. Everyone needs a vacation, even the lazy people too!

4. To learn

to learn

Traveling has been such an eye-opener to a lot of things about the world and it has taught me so much about life too. To learn about other cultures and people, traveling is your best teacher and your first-hand experiences will help you use whatever you’ve learned to your everyday life. Want to learn a language? Travel. Want to know more about history? Travel. Want to learn how to cook? Travel. Of course, books will help you with them too but you learn and remember more from what you get from your travels. They will stick to you. People also travel nowadays for a better education somewhere else or to simply experience the best museums that are scattered all over the world!

5. To visit family/friends

Even those who don’t like traveling still leave their homes to visit their family or friends who may live a few hours away or even abroad. Weddings, family reunions, holidays or even deaths require people to get out of town. Having friends and families abroad can make you feel like their homes are yours too, at least during the time you visit anyway. Don’t have anyone out of town or abroad? Go travel and make some friends. So you have more reasons to go on your next trip!

6. Food

for food

I think we can all agree that food is awesome and experiencing different cuisines has been one of everyone’s top reasons for traveling. It may be to eat the best street foods in Kuala Lumpur or to experience munching on a scorpion in Bangkok, food can simply make people want to go travel. South Korea has been one of my favorite countries for a while and my top reason for it? I love eating there!

7. To see beautiful places

to see beautiful places

Why are people ‘dying’ to go to Santorini? Why do people keep visiting the tropical beaches of Thailand? Why do many keep going back to Boracay? Why do people fall in love with New Zealand? Because they are gorgeous places and just some of the most beautiful destinations people go to in the world. People travel simply because they want to see beauty and be where the sceneries are breathtaking. The world has so many stunning and amazing places. Having the pleasure to see just some of them makes me want to travel and see more.

8. Religion

for religion

For such a very long time, religious travel has been a part many people’s lives, no matter who and what they believe in. Religious tourists of today flock the holy cities and sites of Jerusalem, Varanasi, and Mecca, where the biggest annual pilgrimage of Hajj takes place for Muslims. Travelers visit the holy sites to learn more about their religions and/or for a stronger proof and act of faith.

9. For adventures

When we start traveling, we awaken our inner child and we start seeing our lives from a different angle. We seek more fun, adventures and experiences we have never tried before. We realize that life is short and the best time to do what we have always wanted to do is now, while we are young and while we can. Elephant rides, African safari, bungee jumping, swimming with sharks and visiting North Korea are just a few from an endless list of adventures awaiting for you.

10. To find one’s self

to find one's self

Traveling will not just teach you about the world and the people in it. Some of the best and the most important things that travel will teach you are knowing more about yourself and finding the real you. People travel also to reflect on themselves, their lives and also to seek happiness. May they be from a recently ended relationship, a death of a loved one or have just gotten out of school, they use travel to find direction again in their lives and to understand their purpose of existence. Traveling helps people simply to escape and let them see themselves in a different way until they figure out how they want their lives to go.


So, which of these were and are my reasons for traveling? In all honesty, all of the above! Traveling has helped me grow up so much the past years of my life and that is why I love it. And you know what? You only need one reason to travel. I can’t tell you that, of course. It is you, only you, who can find that out yourself.

Happy travels!


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  1. Neil says: Reply

    You must be very lucky to have german citizenship because most of the country your visiting is visa free, not like Filipino 🙁

    1. Steph says: Reply

      Hi Neil! Yes I am lucky plus I also have a Filipino citizenship which I am proud of. 🙂 i know it is hard to travel around the world with only a Filipino passport. But let’s not keep that from us traveling! 🙂

    2. Fin Vo says: Reply

      I came to US when I was 14, I took Spanish and Japanese in High school and recently taught myself Portuguese by do Brazilian martial called “Capoeira”. I never have US passport and still have Vietnamese passport. I traveled 16 different countries in last 3 years with Vietnamese Passport. I know that having US passport make me go to Europe easier but I like to work hard to earn it ( I denied to have US passport). When I traveled to South America, Caribbeans, the paperwork is little hassle and complicated but it doesn’t stop me travel. By going to Colombian, speaking Spanish to them make them realize that I come to their country for learning, not doing something illegal. I got a lot of generous help from Brazilian because I told them I learn Portuguese because it was beautiful language. You realize when you able to overcome these challenges then make the trip more interesting. Before you go, know the languages and know their culture that is more important than having a passport that take you everywhere. It about having qualities time not quantities time!!!

  2. Walter says: Reply

    All of the Above. =) I wish i can travel the world just like what you do. I dream of traveling the world also. Youre very lucky to have a german citizenship.YOu can travel the world Easily. =)

    1. Steph says: Reply

      Yes I think that’s a great help for me having a German passport and that’s why I’m making the most of it. 🙂 I hope you can travel the world too and I know you can. Just don’t give up on your dreams! I’m wishing you all the best. 🙂

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