Video: Niagara Falls and my new love for GoPro

So here in this post I present to you my first Go Pro Video and I hope it’s the first of many (it won’t be but we will see!). As soon as I found out about the Go Pro,  I knew I had to get one and I’m glad I did. I absolutely love that tiny little camera! I barely take any photos when I’m not on the road so for the first six months I had the camera, I only used it a few times. Sad, really, but at least i got to use it on our trip to the Niagara falls last summer (at least!).

The last winter in Canada was terribly terribly and just terribly cold. With wind chills of almost minus 40 degrees, I almost forgot what summer was like and how it felt to go outside without wearing 38 pieces of clothing to keep me warm (and from freezing to death).  But, last year’s summer in Toronto was nice, sunny, and quite hot (sometimes quite too hot I had to rub ice cubes on my neck and face).

It was a really good and dry summer. Too bad I had to work 3 jobs and didn’t get to make the most of it. But hey, I did get out of the city once (Steph, you shouldn’t tell them that!). I went to the Niagara Falls! Wait, I did say that already didn’t I? Anyway, moving on.

Here’s the video:

Sorry about the ‘dancing’ or ‘moves’, I’m sure I can improve on that as well as my editing. I’m not much of a video editor (I try to but my ancient computer just won’t let me do  it so I just give up after staring at my frozen screen for two hours) but the Go Pro editor makes it easy for those who aren’t good at it. For starters, like me, it’s easy to learn. It also takes good pictures and has got wide angled lens. It’s perfect for people who love adventures, traveling and selfies  (oh my goodness- selfies!!!). If you use it a lot, it’s worth every penny you pay for it. Trust me. Come on!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara falls is only under two hours by bus from the city of Toronto, Canada and it’s a very busy tourist destination, especially in the summer. Other than the magnificent falls, there are lots of other things to do and sights to see such as museums, water parks, casinos, haunted houses, the Skylon Tower, and tons more other attractions that I could not afford to spend money for (ugh).

It’s a fun place, there’s no doubt about that, and there’s no reason why people who live in Ontario shouldn’t keep coming back. The cool thing about is too is that on the other side of the river is the United States. On the American side of the Niagara Falls is the state of New York.  You can’t just cross the river to get there from Canada, of course. But I’m not really sure. I didn’t try it (yet).

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

I wish I did come back to see the Niagara Falls during the winter when it’s partly or mostly frozen! I guess I’ll do it again some other time and maybe coming from New York. And maybe when I have mega loads of money. Maybe.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the video. I’ll be taking some more soon and I can not wait! I definitely recommend the Go Pro camera to anyone who likes going out and traveling. It’s so tiny it’s almost the same size as my DSLR camera battery. If the price is a bit much, my best tip is to purchase an older model. The older models are still great and the prices are now really affordable. It adds a bit of fun to your trips too.

Just so you know, the Go Pro company didn’t pay me to tell you that it’s awesome and you should buy it. But if they want to, they are free to drop me a message and some money. Haha. Seriously, though…

How to get to Niagara Falls:

From Toronto:  Go Transit and Megabus coaches are your cheapest options to get to Niagara Falls from the city. You can also choose to go with Coach Canada, Grey Hound, and Via Rail. There are shuttle buses to Niagara from Toronto Pearson Airport but the prices are steep.

Niagara Falls GoPro

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  1. faraKanwal says: Reply

    Niagara fall is most prominent one destination among for fun and nature lovers. I have been going on niagara falls trip with best bus tours for quite a while and I have to say that never once have they disappointed me in any way. This trip was no different from any of my previous ones. I had been longing to see the niagara falls we experience the mist boat ride and enjoy breathtaking viewing of fall through wind cave and gosh it is beautiful! A must visit place I must say! Thumbs up for the organizers.

  2. Niagra falls are beautiful. Love your pictures.

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